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bloody_men's Journal

Tell me all about the bastard!
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Is he being a bastard? Has he asked for a public slating? Good, well here's the place to do it. This is the best place on earth to have a good old rant about your boyfriend/husband/male flatmate/male boss... whoever. If he's a man and he's being annoying tell us all about him.

1. All posts must be about men, whether they are stupid, mildly annoying or full-blown arseholes.
2. This is meant tongue-in-cheek, however vitriol is welcome too.
3. You need not name and shame, but obviously it's far more fun if we know who we're slating.
4. The boys are welcome to join, but if you read something about yourself you don't want to hear it's your own fault - you should have treated her better!
5. It's all about sisterhood maaaaan, no slagging the bitch who bedded your boyfriend, i don't want to know. It's his fault anyway for being a man.
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